The DR020 dose reader is phased out and has been replaced by the DR030.

In order to easy measure the ionizating irradiation used for the crosslinking of resins or other purposes the dose reader DR020 is the best choice.

With the use of low-energy electron beam equipment it is important to determine the dose distribution as well as the penetration in order to have a reproduceable production and to control the given machine parameters.

Dosereader 020

The advantages of the dose reader DR 020 in general:

  • Easy handling, only insert the irradiated foil in the reader and get the value directly in the display in kGy.
  • The equipment is small and handy.
  • It is possible choose between German, English and French languages in the menus.
  • The measured data can be extracted through a serial port directly to a PC.
  • High accuracy and precision of measurements due to correction for the foil thickness and for correction of the thermal deviations of electro-optical component parts of the measuring foil.
  • High measurement reproduceability due to precision calibration of the reader.
  • Optimised algorithm ensures the result of the dose calculation.

The dose reader DR020 together with the specially developed foil provides the user with a powerful precision tool for control and quality of the process.
Prod702.jpg (11610 bytes)

The measuring foil consists of 2 layers:

The dose measuring foil (thickness approx. 20 µm) and a supporting foil (thickness approx. 50 µm). This thin measuring foil can be used for low voltages and also allows the user to measure the penetration depth by adding foils on top of each other.

The foil is deliverd in 20 meters roll.


Dimensions: 295 x 135 x 57 mm (L x W x H)

Device stands, retractable for tilting

Weight: 1,90 kg
Power supply: External supply, 8 - 12 VDC
Keyboard: 3 mechanical keys covered with keyboard overlay
Display: Dot matrix display, 20 characters, 2 lines
Interface: Serial interface, data output via null modem cable
Electronics: Card sized processor with 10 bits A/D-converter
Dose range: 5 kGy - 50 (60) kGy
  Measures change of colour with thickness correction
Thickness of measuring fooil: 20, 10, or 5 µm
Standard: Use for Dose mapping and Routine dosiemetry according to ISO/ASTM 51275
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