Electron Beam Accelerators can be be used effectivly for a wide range of purpusoes.

Enviromental protection by emission free lacquering, printing and gluing

The pollution of the air with volatile organic compounds is growing to an alarming extent. In order to protect our environment in the future, it is essential to reduce ecological damages. Tightening environmental regulation force the users of lacquers, printing inks and adhesives containing solvents, to look for environmentally harmless processes. The aim is to emit considerably less solvent or cracked harmful products into the atmosphere than previously, and improved quality standard.

  • The solvent free converting system will be required for the future.

EB - The solvent-free, Non-thermal high-tech converting

EB is the abbreviation for a new enviromentally safe, head and solventfree technique: Electron-Beam curing.

The advantages of this technique:

  • Environmentally friendly due to a 100 % solid system. EB works absolutely without emissions.
  • No substrate heating.
  • Substantial production increase compared with conventional heat-treatment methods and UV-technology, also with pigmented layers.
  • Immediate further treatment of converted products without postcuring.
  • Low space requirement. Integration into existing production processes without any problems.
  • Exact repeatability of production conditions is obtained due to high dose accuracy. There is also no wastage when starting up and shutting down the plant.

In the Wood Technology, Metal and Plastic Processing

In the surface converting of solid materials the EB-technology has already been used successfully in the following operating fields:

In the Adhesive-Tape Technology, Paper converting and printing industry

In the surface converting of flexible materials the EB-technology has already been used success-fully in the following operating fields:

The surface treated with EB-technology is 

  • Free of harmful substances
  • non-ageing
  • weather-resistant
  • scratch-proof
  • colour-fast
  • resistant to organic solvents
  • resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

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