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Electron Beam Technology is the Enviromental and Economical solution for Curing, Lacquering, Gluing, Sterilization and Crosslinking.

Electron Crosslinking AB

Founded in 1984 in Halmstad, Sweden, for the development of industrial Electron Beam application possibilities. Electron Crosslinking is one of the most experienced and competent companies in the Electron Beam technology. We design, build and deliver turn key Electron Beam Accelerators for industrial and laboratory applications.

Consultative and Research work

Electron Crosslinking technicians have a great application-technology know-how. We know what has been proved and thus can offer you first hand know-how. In our laboratory Electron Crosslinking have a modern test centre for application-techniques where trials can be carried out with your materials according to your specifications.

The New Generation of Electron-Beam Accelerators

The vacuum-insulated electron-beam accelerator operates with a spiral cathode or several parallel cathodes and are heated so the cathode start to emit electrons. The high voltage is applied between the cathode and the anode. The accelerating voltage in our system is from 60 up to 300 kV according to the application. All our electron-beam accelerator is designed for industrial reliability and for 24 hours operation and easy handling with remote support.

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