Phase out of the 6 710 022 dosimeter film

We will like to draw your attention that our current dosimeter film with article number 6 710 022, will be obsolete and no longer available for purchase as from June 30th, 2021. To get a more stable readout a new film, with article number 6 710 062, has been developed where the heat treatment has been changed from 40 °C for 15 minutes to 60 °C for 10 minutes.  

Due to the change of dosimeter film, customers who has the DR020 dosimeter have to send the device to Electron Crosslinking for re-calibration.

Cooperation with KyooBe Tech GmbH

Logotype of KyooBe techCrosslinking started into a technology and supply cooperation with German company KyooBe Tech GmbH, an affiliate of Bausch+Ströbel Maschinenfabrik Ilshofen.

The companies are happy to announce a new technological approach to vaccine manufacturing based on Low-electron-irradiation (LEEI). Thus, LEEI is presented as an alternative inactivation method for pathogens in liquids.

Based upon a unique combination of expertise of both partners from immunology and engineering a robust, safe, and scalable technical solution will be developed. Crosslinking empowers the German technology company with its strong expertise on ebeam generation, shielding and dosimetry.

New Dosereader DR030

Crosslinking release the new Dosereader DR030 into the market.

The DR030 is designed to measure the radiated dose in industrialapplications where quality control is essential. Electron irradiation, inthe range of 80 – 300 KeV, is used in various areas, e.g. lacquercrosslinking, vulcanization, sterilization or foil processing/irradiation. 

The results can be read out directly on the display from single measuring points. With the integrated motor feed, strips can be measured automatically for software evaluation.




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