In production where curing, lacquering, lamination or sterilization is part of the process, the bottleneck is often the time to get the product ready to be handled. With our electron accelerators, the process of curing, lacquering, lamination and sterilization is done in tenths of seconds. The products do not need any pre-heating, and are completely ready to be handled directly afterwards. The process is also non-aging and gives surfaces that are weather resistant, scratch-proof, colour proof, resistant to organic solvents and a wide range of chemicals.

The accurate process is obtained due to high dose accuracy and there is also no wastage when starting up and shutting down the plant.

At the same time, you can immediate apply further treatment of converted products without post curing.

Our solution is capable to run 24/7 with minimal maintenance and downtime. Our service teams ensure that your electron accelerators always are up to date. 

All in all, our electron accelerators give you the possibility to have a very efficient production with high speed throughput and exact repeatability of production conditions.ClockHand 512

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