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EC Beam 2500-2250

Electron-beam curing equipment for roll to roll applications.


EC Beam 2500-2250

Electron-beam curing equipment for roll to roll applications.


The EC Beam accelerators are versatile in application scope, reliable in 24-hour operations and ease of use. It is suitable for curing and surface converting of a variety of substrates, including:

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Wood materials, such as floor coverings, doors, wall plates, all-round curing of lacquers on mouldings
Point.gif (842 bytes) Façade plates for outdoors application, direct coatings of papers and foils
Point.gif (842 bytes) Paper and synthetic foil coatings (furniture foils, lacquered foils for laminated boards, etc.)
Point.gif (842 bytes) Vulcanizing of pressure-sensitive adhesives

The EC Beams are distinguished by short setup times following initial installation and service. Its uncomplicated construction, combined with a control system for automatic process control, enables the operator to quickly and easily replace cathodes and exit windows without assistance from the supplier. Replacing worn parts requires less than an hour.

Operating parameters: Betriebesdaten:
Accelerating voltage Beschleunigungsspannung 80 - 250 kV
Electron current Elektronenstrom 0 - 1500 mA
Throughput Dosisleistung 12000 kGy m/min
Dose distrubution Dosisgenauigkeit <± 5%
Product Dimensions batch: Produktdaten Batchbetrieb:
Width Breite max. 2250 mm



Technical data: Technische Daten:
Supply voltage Anschlußspannung 3 x 400 V 50/60 Hz 1)
Power Anschlußleistung 450 KVA 2)
Weight Gewicht ca. 28000 kg 2)


1) other voltage on request / andere spannungen auf Anfragen

2) depending on max. accelerating voltage / abhängig von der max. Bechleunigungsspannung.

For more information please contact us. / Für mehr Informationen nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.


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