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Simplify the way of handling emptied container in the UV-industry.

Expenses for dealing with emptied containers with UV-colour remains is reduced to the minimum with a Curebox 25.

Curebox solves in a quick and easy way the problem with uncured UV-colour remains in emptied containers. After curing of UV-colour remains the dry empty jar can be handled as usual.

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To cure UV-colour remains in a Curebox you proceed as follows:

Place the empty jar with the UV-colour remains in the Curebox
Close the door and press the start button
In a couple of minutes the UV-colour remains have been cured in the Curebox
When the Curebox has stopped just take the dry jar out.


Quick and simply the colour-remains cure in the empty jar/container.

Curebox is designed only for use of curing remains of UV-curable colour/lac-system.



Curebox is provided with 2 UV-lamps (one from the top and one from the side) To make the UV-lights curing around the jar, there is a motor-driven, rotating plate at the bottom to place the colour jar on. The internal ventilating fan ensures that the lamps get correct cooling during the curing.

The control panel is simple and clear with one start/stop button and a timer for installation of delay time interval depending on actual UV-colour system. A lamp indicates when Curebox is in operation.

For safety reasons the Curebox door is provided with a manipulation-safe proof breaker, which cuts the power to the equipment when the door is open.

Curebox is delivered ready for operation with connection for exhaust and electric supply voltage rejection. Curebox 25 is CE-market.

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Dimension: 500 x 450 x 1105 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 85 Kg
Max container dimensions: 340 x 450 mm
Electric connection: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
Electric effect: 2200 W

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