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lElectron Beam Processing is GMP approved

Irradiation with low-energy electrons (100 300 keV) results in dose gradients across the thickness of the dosimeters that are typically used for dose measurement at these energies. This leads to different doses being measured with different thickness dosimeters irradiated at the same electron beam. In order to overcome this problem a new concept is introduced of correcting all measured doses to the average dose in the first micron D. We have applied the concept to dose measurements with different thickness dosimeters at two electron accelerators operating over a range of energies. The uncertainties of the dose measurements were evaluated, and it was shown that the dose in terms of D was the same at each energy for all dosimeters. Using the concept of D it is therefore possible to calibrate and measure doses from low energy electron irradiations with measurement traceability to national standards. That give us an GMP approved technology.

The D concept is described in detail in Helt-Hansen, J., Miller, A., Sharpe, P., Laurell, B., Weiss, D., Pageau, G. - A new concept in industrial low-energy electron dosimetry. Radiation Physics and Chemistry (2010), vol. 79, issue 1, pages 66-74 doi:10:1016/j.radphyschem.2009.09.002

Electron Beam for the Pharmaceutical industry

Electron Crosslinking are proud to announce that we have delivered our first electron beam for in-line sterilization in a production line of the pharmaceutical industry; set to qualify by ISPE's GAMP standard. 

This new step into the medical area has opened up a new market for the company and it once again proves that our designs and know-how bear closest scrutiny and meet highest demands.

 If you want more information please do contact us or visit our product page.

New multi-purpose laboratory equipment

Electron Crosslinking has developed a new, flexible multi-purpose laboratory EB for both batch transport and roll to roll applications. See EC Lab-400.

EC-LAB 400




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